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"I like Elektro imber Ltd, because they are fast, reliable, economical and effective. They also helped me with some unusual installations, that other companies could not do."


Ivan Ivoš, M.Sc.EE., MBA

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Considering the different solutions/network architectures that exist, each Network Planning case has to be analysed and dealt by experts. The need for a balance between functionality and economic needs is obvious that is why you should choose Elektro imber Ltd..

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The need for a balance between functionality and economic needs is obvious. Elektro imber Ltd highlights and reinforces the message that affordable, developed technologies and methodologies are available to build such FTTH networks in Europe. Due to the high number of scenarios possible in the competition, a special analysis of those scenarios is needed in order to derive which ones are feasible both from a technical and economical point of view. Business assessment is made at the start of the process to select feasible solutions and discard the ones not being realistic. The network has to satisfy the current telecommunications demands with the already installed capacities without additional capital investments.


Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate and conduct business with telecommunications infrastructure becoming increasingly important. Elektro Imber Ltd is a leading provider for telecommunication infrastrucutre. We build everything from small home networks to large optical networks connecting the farthest regions of Croatia to a single network for each Operator in particular, developing more than 100 sites throughout Croatia.

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