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Elektro imber Ltd is Croatian telecommunication company founded on 28.03.2006.. The company was founded by owner and future CEO of the company Marko Obad M.Sc.EE.. Elektro imber Ltd is an engineering-focused initiative driven by telecommunication operators, infrastructure operators and providers, system integrators and other technology companies that aim to provide high speed broadband connections to the customers by deploying the highest standards in telecom network infrastructure.

Elektro imber Ltd has stood for quality, customer proximity and know-how for 12 years. Since its founding in 2006. the company has grown steadily. Today, Elektro imber Ltd is one of the most experienced service and system suppliers of modern infrastructures for IT and telecommunications networks in Croatia and neighboring countries. Elektro imber Ltd is also a supplier of leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry and is one of the leading suppliers in Croatia.

The growth of the Internet and the rise of data-intensive services like video and virtual reality require us all to collaborate on the development of new technologies, rethink how we deploy existing technologies, and focus on simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency in everything we do.

Elektro imber Ltd is constantly exploring new approaches and technologies across three initial focus areas: access networks, backhaul and core networks. The project groups within these areas will leverage the unique engineering and operational expertise of each member.

Elektroimber is a specialist for telecommunications, efficient and custom made solutions, whether as an individual service or as a general contractor for turnkey projects. Starting with the determination of needs and planning, through to realization and 24-hour readiness - you get everything from a single source – Elektro imber Ltd.

Elektro imber Ltd is committed to creating value and value for its customers through innovative, high-quality projects and services. This requires a high degree of professional qualification and competence combined with with responsible behavior. Elektro imber Ltd. is located in Zagreb, it is the control center, management and administration. Featured business units are located in Dubrovnik, Josipdol, Istria, Karlovac and Ogulin ..

Elektro imber Ltd is building infrastructures for telecommunications, broadband and data networks. Our overall concept covers the planning, construction and maintenance of city, long-distance and air cable networks as well as FTTx networks.

As a general contractor for Vipnet Ltd and Hrvatski telekom d.d. we are working on important projects and high-speed networks in the most modern copper, coax or fiber optic technology. We are certified for most advanced technologies in telecommunications, thus guaranteeing a very high quality of the services, from planning, engineering, cable assembly, to measurement and documentation. As a forward-looking company, we also offer alternative cable laying techniques like microtrenching.

Elektro imber Ltd has been used nationwide for many years and has been deployed in the neighboring countries for broadband expansion. On behalf of cities, municipalities or Network operators, we take over all services from the planning stage to the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic networks in all configuration stages: FTTC, FTTH, FTTB. We offer you complete solutions and build FTTx networks as blown cable, microhose systems or in fiber optic cable technology.

Our Process

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01. Technical documentation

Technical documentation is an essential resource for our users. With fast-moving development and product release cycles, it can be a challenge to keep your documentation up-to-date, accessible, and looking professional.

02. Project management

Project Managers have to manage and control work execution while wave rolling planning projects, analyzing new constraints and requirements, compressing time and costs.


03. Installation Operation

We build infrastructures for telecommunication, broadband and data networks. Our overall concept includes the planning, construction and maintenance of city, long-distance and aerial cable networks as well as FTTx networks.


04. Success

An essential factor for the sustainable business success of Elektro imber is the responsible approach to our employees, customers and other business partners as well as the acceptance of new Technologies.