ELEKTRO IMBER prides itself on a history of quality work and customer satisfaction which contributes to "Leadership" in Croatia's FTTH industry. Listed below are the core services we currently provide. Please contact us concerning your field or professional needs.


Field Services

• FTTH Splicing
• FTTH Installation (video, voice, data)
• Mainline Fiber Splicing
• Networking (video, voice, data)
• Commercial Installation
• MDU Design / Installation
• Smart Grid Installation
• Structured Cabling
• Fiber Management

Professional Services

• Consulting / Sales
• Network Audits
• Project Management
• Materials Procurement / Purchasing
• Materials Management / Warehousing
• Scheduling Procedures
• Back-office Structure


Fiber to the X (FTTX) comprises the many variants of fiber optic access infrastructure. These include fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the premise (FTTP), fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the node (FTTN), and fiber to the curb or cabinet (FTTC).

ELEKTRO IMBER offers a unified process for fibre roll-outs based on 13 years of experience with leading teleoperators in Croatia. Our Fiber Network Deployment solutions consist of comprehensive end-to-end solutions that span from planning & design of the network throughout the full execution of the implementation phase. Our solution also includes the capability to select the most suitable passive fiber products.

The need for and deployment of optical fibre is strong throughout Croatia. The technology reports show that fibre is by far the most efficient way for downloading and uploading huge amounts of data. Fibre connections are needed to support 5G technology and new generation of digital services.


FTTH Passive elements

ELEKTRO IMBER Is a company specialized in optical communications, offers the different passive elements required in FTTH deployments, being focused in preconnectorized drop cables, patchcords, and splitters.

Major Products

Fiber optic distribution boxes, optical splitter boxes, terminal boxes, splice closures, optical cross connect boxes (cabinets), optical fibers, optical cables, fiber optic connectors, adapters, patch cords, pigtails, etc.



Patchcords and pigtails for optical interconnection are designed with G.657.A2 fiber, which allows low bending radius for an easy installation, avoiding the problems coming from complex installations. On top, ELEKTRO IMBER supplies the patchcords according to customer needs, with different lengths and connectors to fit the network deployment.



Splitters allow the propagation of optical signal in the PON (Passive Optical Networks). ELEKTRO IMBER offers splitters built with PLC technology (Planar Lightwave Circuits), which are compact, highly reliable, have low insertion losses and good uniformity to optimize transmission, being available in up to 1:128 division.


Optical enclosures

ELEKTRO IMBER offers a complete range of optical enclosures: splice closures, indoor and outdoor distribution boxes, subscriber optical outlets, etc.