ELEKTRO IMBER has in-depth knowledge on the telecommunications sector in the areas of specification, design, implementation, testing and technical documentation. Our expertise covers, among other things, technologies linked to FTTX, PON, GPON, VDSL, ADSL2+, mobile networks and mobile phones, industrial internet solutions and developing interoperability solutions.


Office Work

ELEKTRO IMBER helps you create, manage and publish your technical documentation in support of your product development, where we ensure that installation, user and maintenance manuals and other forms of technical publications can be available after network deployment.


Telecommunication infrastructure survey

ELEKTRO IMBER creates all kinds of technical solutions in CAD tools and geo coordinated data bases. Our top project team consists of engineers with many certifications, long-term project experience. The ultimate design result can be the conceptual solution, technical documentation, elaboration or feasibility study, performance and documentation of the derived state.

We unburden you of your technical documentation needs so you can focus on your core business.

We create experiences through renderings

Infrastructure Survey

Field workers are examining infrastructure, manholes and tubes while documentation experts update all data to one document

Submitting documentation to the Investor

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Planning and Cost analysis

Planning experts work on cost analysis based on all the collected data, allocate resources, and work on a project implementation plan.